Actual courses of Shaolin kung-fu and Tai-chi martial arts

Course focusDaystimeseasonNumberpriceplace
Shaolin kung-fu for childrenMon, Wed17.00 – 18.155.2. – 26.6. 2440 sessions4000 CZKOndřejov, Prague East
Shaolin kung-fuTue17.30 – 19.006.2. – 25.6. 2420 sessions4400 CZKLetná, Prague 7
Taichi Bagua of nine TemplesTue19.00 – 20.006.2. – 25.6. 2420 sessions3600 CZKLetná, Prague 7
We do not practice in the period from 19.2. do 25.2. 2024 – spring holidays of Prague-east. The courses are in Czech and English.

Shaolin kung-fu for children

Shaolin kung-fu for children is a martial art that improves overall concentration, physical fitness, coordination and reaction to a potential attack. It includes teaching ancient kung-fu sets, self-defense and Chinese wrestling. More details.

shaolin kung fu for kids prague

The Shaolin kung-fu course

Shaolin kung-fu is a martial art in which you strengthen your whole body, including the internal organs, and sharpen your mind and reaction to a potential attack. Includes teaching of ancient sets, sanda and Chinese wrestling. More details.

The Bagua of nine Temples

The Bagua style is a unique and mysterious kung-fu that uniquely combines the outer Shaolin style and the inner Tai-chi style. With these qualities, it also mysteriously cultivates a person inside and out. More details.

The Taichi Tuishou course

The Tuishou is a way of training in pairs, where we try to perceive and respond appropriately to the strength of the opponent. Tai-chi Tuishou is essential to understanding and mastering any Tai-chi sets. More details.

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