Course of martial art Shaolin kung-fu Prague

The Shaolin kung fu course is more physically demanding and is suitable for those interested who want to work on the total body condition and condition of the organism. Learn effective combat applications. Improve your speed, agility and strength. Overall, improve the function of internal organs and transform your body into a resilient and well-functioning complex. It is the best start for further development in Tai-chi practice. The course is also suitable for children from 12 years old. Younger kids can train martial arts at the course of Shaolin kung-fu for children.

What is martial art Shaolin Kung-Fu?

Shaolin kung fu Praha - detail stylu

Shaolin kung-fu is a martial art that hides great power. However, to break through and master Shaolin kung-fu fighting techniques requires a strong will, building good physical fitness and awareness of one’s life path. I will be glad to accompany you on this journey and pass on the important techniques and methods of Shaolin kung-fu that were passed down to me from my Master Zhai Hongyin, so that you too can learn this unique martial art.

Course content

  • Basic Shaolin Skills for Speed and Power
  • Shaolin kung-fu sets for coordination, speed and strength
  • Shaolin Kung-fu Fighting Techniques – Sanda and Chinese Wrestling
  • Free fight – Chinese wrestling

Shaolin kung-fu course details

The teaching is conducted personally by Mgr. Ondřej Diviš, long-time student of Master Zhai Hongyin, graduate of Charles University of Prague from PE and Sport and fitness trainer.

The content of each lesson is divided into two parts. The first is the teaching of the basic skills of Shaolin Kung-Fu, which are necessary for practising the more complex elements. The second part is devoted to Shaolin kung-fu techniques and martial applications. The course is suitable for both beginners and advanced, regardless of current physical fitness. Everyone starts once and it’s enough if you practice as best as you can. The course is also suitable for children from 12 years old.

Where and how we practice martial art Shaolin kung-fu

Shaolin kung-fu lessons take place in Prague all year round in the Letna park (Prague 7). Lessons are canceled only when is going to heavy rain. During the year, the practice location changes due to daylight, so I will inform you of the current location after receiving your application. The courses are in Czech and English.

I also recommend taking the courses of Tai-chi Bagua of Nine Temples, which follow Shaolin kung-fu lessons, to increase the energy in your body and deepen your kung-fu cultivation.

Course focusDaystimeseasonNumberpriceplace
Shaolin kung-fuTue17.30 – 19.006.2. – 25.6. 2420 sessions4400 CZKLetná, Prague 7
We do not practice in the period from 19.2. do 25.2. 2024 – spring holidays of Prague-east. The courses are in Czech and English.

Application for courses

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