Course of Tai-chi Bagua of nine Temples Prague

This course belongs to the medium level of physical difficulty and it is suitable for those interested who want to increase the energy in the body and perfect the unification of the energy of the body, spirit and inner strength. The content of the course also includes qiqong techniques of the Bagua style, which significantly contribute to increasing of the energy in your body. The course is more suitable for adults. Children and teenagers attending the Shaolin kung-fu course can also participate in the course by agreement, and I highly recommend participation for the deepening and development of a kung-fu.

What is the set of Bagua of the Nine Temples

The Bagua of the Nine Temples works with the inner power of tai-ji and greatly supports the unification of body, mind and spirit, thus greatly influencing the overall development of health and kung-fu. The set combines the softness and fluidity of tai-chi movements with the depth, strength and firmness of shaolin postures. Fist fighting techniques, based on walking in a circle, contain a variety of defensive and offensive combat applications of a high level. Adopting this exercise set requires considerable effort, but it has a high contribution to the quality of life.

Course content

  • Bagua combat elements
  • Bagua Qigong Techniques
  • Bagua circle
  • Bagua of the Nine Palaces

Tai-chi Bagua of nine Temples course details

The teaching is conducted personally by Mgr. Ondřej Diviš, long-time student of Master Zhai Hongyin, graduate of Charles University of Prague from PE and Sport and fitness trainer.

The content of each lesson consists of practicing bagua preparatory martial elements, bagua qigong techniques, walking in the bagua circle, and teaching the set of a Bagua of nine Temples. The course is suitable for both beginners and advanced, regardless of current physical fitness. Knowledge and practice of taiji techniques and shaolin kung-fu, which are combined in the set of Bagua Nine Temples, are already an advantage.

Where and how we practice Tai-chi Bagua of nine Temples

Bagua lessons take place in Prague all year round in the Letna park (Prague 7). Lessons are canceled only when is going to heavy rain. During the year, the practice location changes due to daylight, so I will inform you of the current location after receiving your application. The course is in Czech and English.

I also recommend taking the courses of the Shaolin kung-fu, which is before Tai-chi Bagua lessons, to increase the energy in your body and deepen your kung-fu cultivation.

Course focusDaystimeseasonNumberpriceplace
Taichi Bagua of nine TemplesTue19.00 – 20.006.2. – 25.6. 2420 sessions3600 CZKLetná, Prague 7
We do not practice in the period from 19.2. do 25.2. 2024 – spring holidays of Prague-east. The courses are in Czech and English.

Application for courses

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