Where we practice Shaolin kung-fu and Tai-chi martial arts

Martial arts training takes place all year round in the park at Letná (Prague 7). The Shaolin Kung Fu course for children takes place in Ondřejov near Prague on the football field. The courses are conducted in Czech and English. I look forward to seeing you at practice. Ondra

Shaolin Kung-fu and Taichi training place in Prague

Letná park, Prague 7

The exact location is changing and I will let you know after receiving the application.

Shaolin kung-fu training place for children in Ondřejov (Prague-East)

Shaolin kung fu lessons for children take place year round outside on the football pitch in Ondřejov near Prague (Prague-East). Lessons are cancelled only when is going to be heavy raining. The course is conducted in Czech and English.

GPS: 49.9039164N, 14.7779128E

Application for courses

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